LED Dog Collars

LED Dog Collars


These LED Dog Collars produce a bright and visible light that can be operated easily using a power button. These USB rechargeable dog collars are designed to keep your dog safe from vehicles at night. 

Keep your dogs safe at night!

  • Made of high-quality nylon material
  • Comfortable and safe to be worn by your pet
  • Easy to use clips make the LED Dog Collar easy to put on
  • Provides great safety for your dog at night - visible to the motorists
  • Optional flashing mode or just leave on static colour mode
  • The light is bright enough to be seen by motorists in a good time frame
  • Washable to easy to clean.

Materials — Nylon

Colour — Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, White

Size Available — Small: 35cm to 43cm (8cm Adjustability); Medium: 40cm to 48cm (8cm Adjustability); Large: 45cm to 53cm(8cm Adjustability); X-Large

Complete set: 1 x LED Dog Collar, 1 x USB Cable

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