About Us

Glowsticks Wholesale is owned and operated by Martin O’Hanlon, former school principal and awarded teacher of 17 years. Martin has seen how students love discos and glow parties and have experienced how these events positively affect school morale as teachers, parents and students work together throughout the process from start to finish.

School fundraisers and teachers turn to Glowsticks Wholesale:

  • when looking for an enjoyable, pain-free way to raise funds for school trips, and additional resources.
  • when searching for activities that parents, teachers and most importantly students get excited and enthusiastic about and engaged in.
  • when needing reliable advice, unsurpassed friendly service from an experienced business that understands schools.

Martin at Glowsticks Wholesale is available 7 days a week to provide friendly advice regarding products and fundraising ideas in regards to glow parties and discos. The most popular items for schools are:

  • glow sticks (always fresh product – glow sticks have a shelf life)
  • glow bracelets (always fresh product – glow bracelets have a shelf life)
  • fluro face and body paint
  • blacklight UV bulbs
  • EL Wire (coloured lengths of wire) glasses, hats, ties
  • shutter glasses

Glowsticks Wholesale continues to grow after 10 years in business because we are different from others in the marketplace:

  • we only stock the highest quality products and our glow sticks are always fresh
  • Martin understands schools after working in schools for 17 years
  • Martin is available from 6am – 10pm 7 days a week
  • We love this business because we love to see happy school communities