UV Black Lights


UV Lights or Black Lights are awesome for parties and Fluro events. When used in conjunction with UV Paint, Black Lights will cause the paint to fluoresce (glow brightly). UV Paint glows when exposed to ultra violet light because the paint absorbs the higher energy ultra-violet light (which is invisible to our eyes), and then releases it at lower energy as visible light (which our eyes can see). This energy absorption and release is known as Fluorescence.

There are many ways of producing UV Light; from specially designed LEDs and Compact Fluorescent (CF) tubes that emit ultra violet light, to incandescent or tungsten light bulbs with an optical filter removing the visible light.

We offer a range of lights that are high performing, while economical and easy to use. Our UV Light Bulbs can plug straight into your regular light fittings so you can plug them in for an event, and then replace them with your normal bulbs and keep the UV lights in a drawer for your next event. Our UV Finger Lights take ease of use one step further by providing Self-Contained UV Lights that simply slip onto your finger. With UV Lights and paint, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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